Pinky’s Crazy Big Booty

Post dedicated to @nymets125 who follows @PuffyChicks on Twitter!

Pinky is not the same kind of plumper girl that you are used to seeing on but I know you’ll love her. She is a big booty girl that has been requested by many of my followers. When you’re talking booty per square inch, they don’t come more bootylicious than Pinky. This porn star from California stands only 4’11” tall, but she measures 45 inches around the hips. Do the math, Booty Men. She’s 59 inches from top to bottom, but 45 inches around. That’s some serious booty! And Pinky is a serious porn star. Her scenes are always full of energy, nasty sex talk and hard-driving sucking and fucking. Check out her stats:

Stats: 34-24-38
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 154 lbs.
Location: California

Before you go don’t forget to watch Pinky’s hardcore video just below this photo set and then be sure to post some nasty comments about Pinky’s big fucking ass so that she’ll continue her parade of hardcore porn!

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