Sabella Monize AKA Duvy – A Big Phat Ass on a Smaller Girl

Well you all are familiar with Duvy and for some unknown reason she is now going by the name “Sabella Monize” or so I’m told. On a more important note you can see that her phat ass if even bigger than last time! This girl has got a booty that is sure to keep your dick hard. Sure, we’ll forgive the small tits because this thick juicy butt gives us plenty to play with. This shameless Lolita gives it up to some dude with a questionable “tanning bed tattoo” in his pelvic region. Seriously, its sexy when the females put the outline of a heart in the same spot each time she climbs into the tanning bed but for a guy, I’m saying “knock it off”….anyway, you can get lots more of this sexy PAWG at Plumper Pass and yes there is a video FREE for download!

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  1. She’s not white, so I don’t understand why you’re calling her a PAWG, but other than that, nice review.

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