Gya Roberts – Big Boobs Out for You

XL Girls photographed Gya Roberts in Montego Bay. Like Micky, Gya started off as a cam-model and now wants to spread her wings. And we are sure happy about that. Gya is just breaking out into her own right now and we think that she has big things ahead of her. Very big things. Let us introduce you to a powerhouse of a bra-buster with huge jugs and a jubilant personality that takes over the camera like she owns it. Which Gya did by the time our stay in Jamaica had ended. Bra size: Huge. Gya says she can wear a 34HH or J bra. Like Micky, she can easily suck her own nipples. In this introductory pictorial, Gya wears tight “Look at my ass” jeans, an even tighter “Look at my chest” top and sexy “Look at my feet” heels. Our photographers had their hands full, figuratively, that is, keeping up with Gya and her high energy romping inside and out. She loves the camera, for sure. “I had sex at 18 and a half,” Gya revealed, talking about her life. “I know this sounds weird but I have always played hard to get because I was enjoying teasing and seeing them want me. The first experience for a girl is actually not so much fun but I was so excited that I made the guy cum before the sex started! He was way too excited when I slapped my breasts over his face so we had to start over again.” Wow, what a honey. What a handful! “I am the one that starts teasing just by my appearance and the guy takes the next step. But, yes, I am very assertive. I love to wear a bra under my blouse because I love sexy lingerie and when I want to turn guys on, I take off my bra to show them it’s bigger than their heads!.” Like Gya’s doing here! She’s bursting with that X factor. Welcome to The Big XLGirls Show, Gya. You will fit in very nicely.

Click here to see the entire set from this shoot!

Click here to watch a video of Gya with two other big titted babes!

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