Hannya Strange – Switch in the Kitchen

Along with all the recent sexy chubby girls PuffyChicks.com is proud to present Hannya Strange! This thick hottie is one of a kind and she is just rearing to explore many sexual adventures. Besides being a sexy plaything, Hannya is smart, fun and open minded. Take a minute to read the note she sent me along with these photos…

My name is Mz Hannya Strange and I’m a wicked lil Switch of a BBW chick. Midwest born and raised but currently residing in the hot state of Florida. I’m a 33 yr old tall plump model who loves and embraces my curves and kinky mind. I have a fearless confidence about my body and what I put forth modeling wise. I first started modeling off and on in my spare time about 2 yrs ago, I was deeply inspired by some plus size models I saw in shots from runway fashion show. I saw them and was like ya know what if they have the balls to go for it I want to try too. Recently a huge inspiration for me has been my friend, mentor and absolutely gem of a woman FemDom Darling Rikki. I am a huge into fetish, alt, dark humor and artistic concepts in way of shoot styles. In my clips4sale store Fetish is what I explore and absolutely love doing it. I do what I do because I want to show what bigger chicks can do with a bit of sexiness and flare. I may not have always been a bigger gal but  I learned early on that you need to love yourself no matter what, so even when the pounds came on I was like hell I’m still sexy there is just alot more to love.

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