Nixie Night – First Hardcore Scene for Young Chubby Girl

Nixie Night learned about XLGirls from a friend. When your XLGirls editors saw the at-home snaps from 21 year-old pixie Nixie that she sent to the studio, they wholeheartedly asked to bring her on board. Nixie has the magic and that was clear to them even just in photos. Nixie is a true girl-next-door. She’s a gamer who says, “I’m a total nerd at heart. I love video games, action movies, Batman, manga and anime. I’m mainly a music nerd and enjoy any kind of trivia.” But Nixie is no geek handling this joystick in her first ever guy-girl scene. She’s got game. Girls today don’t wait years, months or never to jump into XXX action these days like they did even five years ago. It could be because more and more girls are watching porn on the internet, reading about it and, if they live near big cities, going as fans to the adult entertainment conventions that have switched from the business people to the consumers. Nixie says she doesn’t get as much action as she’d like. “I’ve never been in a relationship so I’ve never had a point in my life where I can have sex on a regular schedule. It’s always a mad scramble to get it where I can. I once went to see a new massage therapist who worked out of his home. Yes, I know it sounds like some scene out of a porno but it actually happened! I ended up giving him a massage that turned into a blow job and he gave me a massage that turned into a fingering. We actually spent hours and hours just playing with each other before actually having sex.” Nixie, you can always get all the sex you want at XLGirls! If you agree, show Nixie some love below!

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  1. Nixie Night is a super hot bbw. Stunning face,lips,eyes,body.
    Her lips biting is so hot. Want more from this super hotty.

  2. Jesus Christ.
    First wrods that came out of my mouth and usually do when i see a gorgeous stunning curvy girl.
    Can’t wait to see more with her.

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