Sarah Rae – Warming Up with 38J’s

Sarah Rae’s first official magazine layout appears in XLGirls magazine #236 (November, ’12). Grab this collector’s item before it sells out. The response at XLGirls has been tremendous and Sarah’s just getting warmed up. We’d almost call her a girl-next-door but how many girls who look like this live next door to you? Not too many by our count! But Sarah does have the girl-next-door personality in every way. She loves to read, spend a lazy day at home or spend surf-and-sand time at her favorite beach. “I want to travel more, see new places and experience different cultures,” Sarah says who has a wanderlust she wants to satisfy. “I like going out but I really like having a night in snuggling and watching movies. I like a guy with a good personality and a sense of humor. And if he has nice hands, so much the better!” He’ll need big hands. There’s a lot of inches to cup with Sarah’s 38J whoppers! Sarah’s self-sucking powers are very impressive too. We could watch a girl do that all day!

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